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More Info Choose the number of points to generate from each path. More points will produce more accurate results, but the file size will increase (roughly linearly) and the runtime will increase (roughly O(n^2) in most cases). The current algorithm is tuned to work well with about 25 points. Including more points generally yields diminishing returns but might be good for some complex shapes. Using 10 or fewer points produces surprisingly accurate results, but they are noticeably less accurate. Using a super large training set and a small number of points per shape might be a good tradeoff in some circumstances.
Once you have decided on the number of points, click the "Generate Points" button. Then choose the name of the points array and click the "Save" button. The name can be the same as the name of the set of paths as they are stored separately. However, choosing the same name as an existing array of points will overwrite the old set. If you want this set to be used in the testing on the home page you can leave the "Set as Active" checkbox checked -- although it is easy to switch back and forth from the home page. Once you have saved, you may return home by clicking the link.